Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

1. Remove the lid and cooking grate.
2. Clean out ash and dirt from the grill.
3. Open the bottom grill vent.( This will let air get to the charcoal and help it burn.)
4. Use soft and small wood for an easier, faster light.
5. Choose hardwood charcoal for a more intense flavor. It gives your meat a delicious, smoky flavor.
6. Fill the soft wood in to grill.
7. Spread the coal on it , so heat will spread.
8. Pour a generous amount of lighter fluid onto the wood & coal.
9. Light the charcoal carefully with a long match or long lighter.
10. Let it burn for 10-15 minutes.
11. Arrange your charcoal.
12. Put the cooking rod on it.
It's around 55km form pune

Yes. 250gm per person, you can ask for extra barbecue to campsite coordinator.

No. Transport not includes in package

There is no public transport available. but you can get private vehicle at lonavala station.
or you can call camp coordinator he will arrange vehicle for you.
public transport available form kamshet railway station to pawnanagar

Yes! you can bring your tent

You can choose any location on pawnanights website. all the locations are the best with different lake view

For safety purpose you may not allowed to do self camping at pawna lake. because pawna lake is deep at some places.

Yes! it is completely safe. pawna lake camping coordinator are always there for help at night also, so no need worry

All locations are better. But one is near Lavasa road, Pune And other location is at Pawna lake, Lonavala.

the activity of spending a holiday living in a tent.

Yes, Charging points are there in restrooms.

Onion bhajji are all time favourite Snack & Who will not love some crispy snack especially on outdoors.
Pohe: It is made with flattened rice, onion, peanuts, green chilly etc. Kande Pohe really good & Popular maharashtrian snack for breakfast.
Tea: Pure milk used for making Tea.

Yes! It is available for weekend and weekdays.

1. Unpack your tent supplies.
2. Lay down a ground cloth.
3. Insert your tent poles through the frame.
4.Raise the tent.
5. Hammer in your tent pegs.
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